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  • Catherine Riccio

2021 Oklahoma Classics Night Has Arrived!

Today, October 15th is Oklahoma Classics Day. Why am I so pumped about a day of Oklahoma bred running around the track at Remington Park?

After 30 plus years on the track working as everything from Hot Walker to Trainer. On the track, see the horses when they arrive at the track off of the Brookledge or Sallee truck. I started in New York and there wasn'tmuch interaction with the farm life as most of our thoroughbreds ship in from Kentucky or Florida. So, this was my first time seeing the day to day operations of a breeding farm. Boy is there a lot to learn!

So, or the first time, this racetracker was able to see the weanlings grow up for several months. See how they mingle in the paddocks with their buddies.

Bryan Hawk, purchased several mares at a sale in Kentucky and they were in foal to some decent stallions. One mare, Southern Equity, by After Market, threw a beautiful but refined filly by Munnings. She oozed with class. She was turned out with two other fillies. One by Cupid and the other by Maimonides. All three fillies took turns as to who was going to be the leader of the pack. They were so fun to watch.

Everyday, when I was driving out of the farm, I would stop at the yearling paddocks. The fillies would immediately come over for a little human interaction. I tried teaching them treats but they didn’t get the hang of it. They were content with a couple of free pets and just attention.

Then there was the paddocks with the colts. One stood out! The Midshipman out of Inca Miss. The mare apparently throws a beautiful foal. Well he was all that. He was kind of intimidating to some, but some of my friends from the Brad Cox Barn came out to the farm to play with the yearlings.

Within minutes both groups were adjusting to the new humans in their paddock. One was even being taught how to get his feet picked! It was such a treat to the boys, it was hard to get them to leave the farm!

So after coming back to KY, I made a trip to Remington and got to see the finished product of these two horses. Inca Empire, the Midshipman, now gelding and Take Me Serious (Munnings),

Are making their first appearance at the track tonight on Oklahoma Classics Day. Trainer Joe Offolter is the trainer of both two-year-olds.

Hoping that all horses get a safe trip and really bring attention to the Oklahoma Breeding Industry.

Cathy Riccio

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